zondag 12 oktober 2014

Minifigures Series 12 - opening the box

Last thursday I finally got the call I was waiting for. The local toy store had my Lego order in, a full sealed box of the new Collectible Minifigures line, Series 12, centered around the Minifigures Online series.

Seeing the prices the boxes tend to go for online when they get released, this is great news for me knowing that he can just order a box for me (it was the first, but wont be the last time I did this), as this saves me some nice dimes on it.

Series 12 is all centered around the MMO videogame that came out of Beta and went `live` the 1st of October to coincide with the release of the models, and as such, every flyer in the bags also have a one use code to unlock the figure in the game.  Pretty cool feature, as you can`t (yet, perhaps with a later serie) try and collect the parts of the models in game to build them.

Lego also decided to go back to it`s old distribution in a box ratio, putting in 3 of the rarer models in a box instead of 2 as was the case with the Simpsons and the Movie series, resulting in having to dish out around 10 euros if you wanted a Shakespeare and didn`t pull one... like me.

Now ever box has the same ratio, being 3 full sets of the 16 models (unfortunatly, the one I wanted for army building, the Hun Warrior, is one of those included only 3 times) and 12 extra models.

The first job I did after pulling open all 60 polybags was to put aside a series for the Smurf.  We tend to reward him when he does chores or has good grades and the likes with a bag, and several series 12s are lurking in the closet already.  He usually gives his doubles to me to try and trade with them for the models he misses, like I do with mine, and he is enjoyed when he gets mail with a figure in it. 
Well, bit less these days, his mind is all about soccer lately...

So I`ve put aside a full series and when he starts getting doubles and hand them over, I`ll make sure a few days later he has `mail` with one of the missing models in it, while then listing the doubles on my Miniature Trading account.

Check here to see which ones I have double and which ones are on my looking for lists.  Should that site be a discovery to you and you register, please name me as the referal for some Friendship Points ;-)

The second step I then had to do was to nab away all the models I`m keeping for myself for use in my builds.  That meant all remaining Hun Warriors and Battle Godesses as those make great troops.  I also kept the remaining Jesters (the playcard printed pieces are ace!), a Female Genie, a Wizard, a Princess and her frog, a Spooky Girl and a Gamer Guy. 

The latter not for building, but to stand proudly on the shelf above my PC...

And so the rest went onto the exchange page, and already the first two trades are going to be packed, one even resulting in series 2 and 3 figures to be coming my (or the Smurf`s) way within the first evening of listing them :-) 

And the Smurf is going to be delighted as the Soccer Player is included in one of the trades as well...

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  1. You have gotten pretty serious buying a box of the minifigures. I usually only do about 8-12 per series. Got 5 of the new series on Friday but the store did not have any princesses, wizards, or Athenas left.

  2. Well tbh, I made that decision because at the one hand, I figure we`ve spend nearly a box worth of minifigs for both the Movie and the Simpsons in loose packs, and ended up buying both Shakespeare for me and Milhouse for the kid loose at BrickMania in august... so this way, that gets settled and I have a nice trade volume as well to get about a dozen Huns together ;-)