dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Catching a Spy

What is all that noise? Hagen thought as he neared the mine of Karaz Modan, somewhere in the snowy peaks of Mitgardia.  Following the path way, he saw a few Yeti making anxious roars and bellows, obviously aroused by something.

Now, one has to know, the Dwarfs often employ these fierce warriors to guard their snowy paths high in the mountains, as they are as fierce as any warrior, strong as oxes and very well suited to the icy climate outside.

Approaching them, Hagen snapped down his visor and unsheated his sword, because when these guards where angry, something wasn`t right and even perhaps the mine entrance was under attack.  Looking up, he saw the winged shape of one of the Vulture people.  Vile and evil creatures, these wander the icy peaks learning all the secrets that they can and selling them to the highest bidder.  

Someone is very intrested in what is going on with the Dwarfs!

This is my entry for the smallest category of Chapter 3 in Book 2 of the Guilds of Historica, which has now turned it`s attention to Mitgardia.

However, this is also the one series of builds so far that I won`t be participating in with all 3 entries, although I had said to myself that when it came to `my` homeland, I would try and get a build in for all three categories.

The problem is namely one of pure figure issues.  See, the chapter is called `Dwarven Affairs` and in a very rough storyline synopsis, the Dwarfs are marching to war versus the Elves or the Drow, depending the side you choose, how they envision the pointy ears have been manipulating the bearded ones.

Now, I was in my `Dark Ages` when the Fantasy line of Castle came out years ago, and as a result, I have nearly none of the antagonist minifigures.  Not willing to cannibalise my displayed Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sets for figures, this means I have a single `evil dwarf` minifigure from the CMF range, and not a single elf at all... bit hard to make entries that way.  I had been expecting mostly Vikings in the chapter, but humans aren`t actually playing a lead role in this chapter.

So that resulted in me picking the Side of Men, which is for the smaller category a scene where Dwarves are being spied on, the middle category comes down to humans trying to peacefully mend relations between Dwarfs and Elves, and category 3 expanding even further on this by telling a diplomatic storyline to solidify these relations...

But about the build...

As I said, I went for the smallest enty for the side of Men, in which the Dwarfs are being spied on.  Using the fluff a bit as a tool to make something at least fitting without needing any Dwarfs in the build itself, nor Elves, through the use of allied species (Yeti`s for the Dwarfs, Vulture people for the drow) I managed to create at least something.

I tried some things out in this build (with the eye of a very big project I`ll be undertaking once I completed all of the Age of Mitgardia builds, more on that once it is approaching) like the snot mining entrance, the completely frozen ground and the snowed under rockside.

I hope you like it!

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