vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego: a castle foosball table

A few weeks ago, the Skaersbaek weekend was held for the maybe the last time, though we all hope there will be next editions as the levels of builds seen there are bordering on the impressive.

Of course, strolling on the web for the `after` reports, I came about some awesome builds, and definitly a lot of inspiration is to be found amongst those.

One thing I tend to notice though compared to my old hobby of wargaming, is that Lego event `after action` reports are harder to come by then they are from even smaller wargame shows, though they have attendance levels even the biggest shows can only dream about.  For example, the first edition and relatively small BrickMania Limburg past august drew more paying attendees then Crisis, europe`s mainland biggest wargame show and one I helped out with for years when still a member of TSA.

BTW, for those intrested, Crisis is this year the 1st year of November...

But back to the Lego builds...

Perhaps the biggest and impressive build for me is this Castle style foosball table.  Smurf, you better start building matey!

This is one mightily selection of very impressive medieval castles.

I like penguins.  Penguins are my most visited animal in the Zoo of Antwerp, and when I still worked behind the corner of the Zoo, I could be found every day in their icy cold retreat during heat waves...

The Sagrade Familia in Barcelona, the worldfamous building by Gaudi, in Architecture scal.

Tin-Tin`s Rocket to the Moon.

Luke is making his run for the final moments of the Death Star...

Red Panda sculpture.

A big Roman camp

The waterfall effects on this rock is pretty well executed

Modern chinese city life.

Something is going horribly wrong at the temple of Petra...

Keep supporting the weekend, it would be a real shame to see this event disappear!

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