woensdag 29 oktober 2014

Marvel Civil War!

Yesterday was perhaps one of those `geek high` days.  During the morning, Telltale confirmed they would be launching their Game of Thrones game still this year.  But at night time, the roof was blown of the house.

Marvel announced it`s movie schedule for the coming years, including, but not limited to, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, 2 additional Avengers movies... but most importantly, the third Captain America movie: CIVIL WAR.

Perhaps the best crossover storyline (bar the Secret Wars, though I don`t even think so) that the company has ever created, it puts the whole superhero community against each other, sided around either Captain America or Iron Man, as the long time friends and team mates go head to head with each other.  And that is coming to the theatre`s now in 2016...

Ironically, I was building my MoC, inspired about the cover of the classic series, just yesterday, before the revelation.  Because I wanted to build it for a while now (ever since I put together the Hail Hydra set), and the rumours of the past weeks had been picking at my intrests more and more.

So I wanted to have my version of the cover.  Cap and Tony face off amongst the ruins of the battlefield, Tony firing as Cap`s shield blocks the attack.

I went for the more elevated look of Iron Man, in order to build it on an 8x8 plate as a vignette, and with the blasts of his suit `leaking` around the edges of cap`s vibranium shield.

The background is then put on fire as the titans clash in their epic confrontation of ideals and believes.

For reference, here is the cover art I took my inspiration from:

And for those that missed it, the partial movie schedule ;-)

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