zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

The Plan - week 35

Normally, I should be in the Ardennes with the GF her family at the moment.  However, my knee is playing up badly and I can barely bend it, let alone put pressure on it, so I`m stuck at home.

So I have been sitting here behind the PC playing a bit and watching some movies in between bouts of lying absolutely still.

The only good thing from this is that I`m reducing my backlog of series to watch on the one hand, and knocked together already a lot of the achievements for Minifigures Online.  Currently, there are 6 achievement tabs, one for each of the 5 open worlds and one global.  Achievements include completing the pocket adventures and the dungeons, get a drop on all the world bosses, and exploring the worlds mainly, while the globals incorporate smashing x minifigures.

Of these, I managed for now to completely gain all achievements for the Medieval, Mythology and Dino worlds.

For the next episode, I`m planning on completing all the Pirate and Space achievements, then the work starts not only to smash x Minifigures, the top one being no less then 100.000 of them, while trying to get together all the needed stars to level up all the collected minifigures so far and unlock all their already possible skills.

Currently, there is a total of 6425 achievement points to be earned in the game, and I`m hovering around the 6000 mark at current.  Adding to this the introduction of the series 12 minifigures which come with codes in the game (more on that in a later post this weekend), and I still got quit some happy fun game hours in this little MMo to go before any future updates are about to hit...

And to give the Smurf a crash course in english, as it doesn`t seem the game will be released in dutch soonish...

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