vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Athena Exclamation!

Well, not everything of my hobbies includes wargames, it also includes anime, and especcially Saint Seiya. When the Myth cloths range got released, I`m donating a monthly part of my paycheck to the models, and this year Bandai came out with a limited to 528 copies each set of the Athena Exclamation, one with the Gold saints (Mu, Aiola and Milo) and one with the three Fallen (Saga, Shura and Camus). For the full backstory on this, I refer you to the Chapter Sanctuary of the Hades part of the anime, but I got my statues now, respectively 302 / 528 and 448 / 528.

All in all they knocked me back around 400 euros including shipping and customs costs, but they are for me worth each and every eurocent and make a great centerpiece in my figures cabinet.

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