zondag 3 oktober 2010

Project Asrai: The Finale

And so this project concludes, restoring a battleworthy 2000 points tournament force out of a heap of old figures I found back. It ain`t everything that I have that got painted, but this is enough to get me `back into a game` occasionally.

Ancient Archery

So I needed 10 scouts for the force, and found these little gems amongst the collection. Hailing from around 1990, the Sea Elves are now part of my Asrai host to sneak up on the enemy lines and shaft them early on.

I got wood!

Of course, no `true` classic Sylvanesti host would be complete without one of the old Marauder treemen. A strong hingepin to anchor the lines of archers on, I always loved these guys even before they received a train of special rules.

We can dance, we can dance...

The final unit for the force is a second, small unit of War Dancers, of the `next generation` compared to the other unit. Led by the old Warhammer Quest character as a Bladesinger, they will mainly have the job to be stop gaps where the thin green line seems to bend.

And so the force is completed with this group shot. Normally Iwill be playing a tournament next week (with like, 1 battle of 1000 points under the belt) but I still haven`t received confirmation, so it might be that that won`t pass. No worries on my part there, then the next time this force comes out of the closet will be with the War of the Beard 2011 tournament at the local club.

So, what now?

Well, going to spend most of the time working on the Humanity`s Darkest Hour campaign, and as such will be finishing my host of 6mm armies and the final ships of my OUDF fleet for Full Thrust fleet first. After that? Who knows, I certainly don`t hehehehe...

So thanks for following my ramblings for two months, and till the next time!

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  1. Congrats on a succesfully finished project ! We had a couple of weeks with fun stuff to read and you've got a nice looking WHFB army, everybody happy !

    I suggest you start with your 40K army, pretty soon(ish) there will be a Tyranid swarm and Ork horde to battle with. Better make sure you got something to "Apocalypse" your army with too ;-)

  2. Doubtfull, I got like 1500 points `planned` consisting only of Fire Warriors, Battlesuits and Drones, don`t like playing with tanks and hate the looks of the `subject races`, not maga-esque enough for me