woensdag 27 oktober 2010

So that was 2010, up to 2011

"Hey what, it ain`t new year yet!" I hear you think, and your right of course, but I tend to calculate my `wargame years` from november to november, with our clubs own wargame show, Crisis.

This usually is the event where new ideas are spawned (and many burried afterwards, but that`s wargamers for you), and plans are made together with heaps of shopping lists for the comming wargame year.

So what am I planning to do the next year then?

Good question, i`m going to try (enter hysterical audience laughter) to finish projects for once instead of starting new ones all the time.

First of all, there`s the hopefully one year going to run 6mm scifi campaign I rambled about earlier, and plan to finish an army completely for both sides, namely the Tau and the Battletech Clans.

Then there is that 10mm irish army, where I `only` need to paint 2 units of 3 chariots still for to make them battle ready... something I have to do for like 3 months now *shame on me* and paint the remaining few units to flesh the whole force out.

Third in the pipeline is to build a 1500 points Tau force for 40k (though knowing myself, it`ll end up way bigger) and this is also my `target material` for the comming Crisis.

So that`s the top 3 of things to do, but there is more what I have to ponder on and more importantly, work on...

* Project Asrai... it ain`t finished, far from it even! Many more bowmen await alongside wizards and all kinds of forest dwellers to get a new paint job. And I should be looking out for 3 to 6 Treekin on eBay or second hand markets for a bargain on those.

* Finally commence painting on a 6mm GHQ Italian army for Blitzkrieg commander. They are still lying here for almost two years now, and not even opened so far...

* Redo the 15mm Flames of war Compagni Carri I still have. About 2000 points, and those new `what if` P40`s might fing their way into the force as well... at Crisis of course hehehe

* And we keep staying in the italian side of things (hey, this is the societa after all hehe) with some 28mm extra troops like LMG`s for use in Pulp games and the likes.

* 1/7000 Starfleet to slowly replace the models I have in larger scales.

* Continue work on the 28mm Army of the Clones

Seems like a busy calendar already, and no doubt a lot will be added to it as the next game year processes, might be time to trade away a couple of stillborn projects and impulse buys before the next load comes in... and that give away model from the comming Crisis might inspire a Buck Rider orientated thing as well...

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  1. Looking forward to a Tau vs Tyranids clash !

    No worries about the campaign. If you can keep the pressure on the players low then their interest will remain high ;-)

  2. Mind you I will be smacking you around with lots of soundeffects and Janime music, I bought especcially for that boxes for my iTouch