vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Project Insanity week 4: I did it!!!

Success! I actually managed to paint a full 2000 points army in even less then a month, even though I had a deadline for myself and a painting schedule drawn up for a month and a week to pull it off.

But past sunday the final figures where completed, and this week they got varnished, so now the army, albeit to small to my personal game taste of ages past, is ready to battle it out at the TSA Fun Tournament on the 12th of February.

I even may squeeze in a practice game next week friday, to at least having had a feel once how it is going to handle.

The final unit that needed to be completed was the `Infernal Guard with Hailshot Blunderbuss` unit, aka just the good old Blunderbusses. They work differently now, but they still can tchuk out a whole lot of low strength, high number of hits which still get `boosted` the more of them fire. A Castelland with the Hammer of Hashut and the Stone Mantle is included in the unit, as it is going to be the job of these guys to anchor the huge warrior block`s side and fight off any light troop slooking to disperse my battle line. Of course, with their Blackshard armour, hand weapon and shield as basic equipment, these guys can seriously stand their own in combat...

So that brings us to a renewed picture of the full force as the one I started the series with, only this ime it is in full technicolour.

But how do I hope I will fare? The other Chaos dwarf player apparently isn`t going to be able to make it, so that means the goal has to shift a little and now I am going to need to try and beat my archnemesis in the final placings.

Him playing Beastmen, if i can believe magazines and websites, is certainly going to help in this effort...

My goals are first and foremost to try and get `back into it`, like I`m doing with small scale Magic tournaments as well at the moment. Building up the competitive mindset again and stuffsies you know, as it requires a whole other way of thinking and playing then casual play like I did the last years. You know, not throw away units / cards with the `we`ll see what happens` mindset, as that usually just means easy points for the opponent.

Apart from that, it`s going to be a lot of chestpounding and alpha male`ing against the current TSA generation of warhammer players, as the `Three Old farts` that came back out of retirement all managed to re-collect a full painted force in a months time, while the week-to-week players haven`t...

Now if I can only find one of the Chaos Dwarf Online moderators to grant me that medal on the site for having and showing a 2000 points completed force...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. About bloody time it's finished LOL!!!
    Seriously, great work, feels good to be back again huh?

  2. Great! I mean great work as great is the last thing that can be said about a bunch of Dwarfs! ;-)
    (look who's talking with a force of little green men...)

    Excellent work in a ridiculously short amount of time, you gotta love those deadlines!

    I hope I get to meet them on the 12th at the tournament!