zondag 24 maart 2013

First ones!

So I finally painted my very first miniature of 2013, shame on me, I know, but drifting intrests are the largest cause for me.

Though I must say, I did enjoy myself doing them while my two little nephews where abusing the PS system overhere.

Well, until the oldest one (aged 11) kept staring fascinated at the models and I did him some quick basic theoretics, and then gave him a miniature to have a go at it himself.  Sorry for the not to good quality, but his Unicorn is way better then anything I churned out at that age (and years afterwards).

My own model (well, I actually completed three, but two still need to be based and varnished), namely this

MS-08TX(EXAM) Efreet Custom

The Efreet Custom is a heavily armed MS-08TX Efreet type mobile suit. It was built based on the later experimental suit MS-18E Kämpfer. The Efreet Custom was armed with two forearm grenade launchers, six leg mounted missiles, and two heat sabers for close combat.

It was seen in this manga sidestory

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