maandag 18 maart 2013

First year in competition

So yesterday the first full year of playing ranked Magic The Gathering has closed for the Planeswalker Points, and I can't say I am to unhappy with the result for a 'newbie'.

Coupled with a very strong , for my doing, and more importantly consistent season, in which I had an average result hovering around the 50% wins barrier, this means I am eligible to participate in the upcomming World Magic Cup Qualifiers (for Belgium, the limit is that 40 players need to reach at least 300 PPs)

So these are the dry numbers:

Seasonal Points: 345 points

This ranks me 7822nd out of the first 20000 ranked worldwide, 2132nd out of the first 20000 ranked within Europa and 55th out of 1694 players ranked in Belgium.

Top result was the Top-8 at the Games Day, in which I completely screwed up by myself in the quarterfinal or it could have been even better, but at least I have the exclusive full art Firemane Avenger promo.

Yearly this resulted in 510 points, not eligible for the top 500 rankings within Worldwide and Europe, but putting me in spot 193 within Belgium this past competition year.

Off course, we won't be discussing my 546 lifetime points untill that has mutliplied at least by a factor of 5 hehehe...

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