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Posted by : Tomsche69 zondag 29 december 2013

After a one year hiatus, last friday me and the now extended family crossed the (stormy) channel for a shopping pilgrimage to the old english town.  It's a returning ritual, though next time it'll probably be a two dayer so I can actually visit some historic buildings and museums as well instead of the shop rush frenzy a day trip brings along.  After all, you spend over 12 hours bussing and sailing for a 6 hour shopping free...

And as always, this resulted of course in a lot of loot for the geeky mind to be brought back.  And an idea for a LEGO moc, as this particular house has the right 'feel' and is chumbling in my mind at the moment to act as a base idea for a future build.

The top of the line loot was a pair of new All Stars from Treds, which had serious discounts especially compared to what they ask for them here in old Belgium, the high edged burgundy ones (Tennant anyone?).

But comming close second, was this great find in a book liquidation store on the main street, the Lego book featuring the history and current lines of the famous brick.

I also found a heap of reading material, from said shop 3 volumes of Doctor Who books for 5 pounds, and I supported charity for getting the two Viking books for a bargain price of 2 pounds a piece.  That should keep me occupied in the bed, the bath and the loo for a while. 

HMV yielded me the Pacific Rim 'complete edition' which I have already been enjoying yesterday, BluRay on a HD tele gives a 'cleaner' and 'brighter' picture then a movie theatre one, and it added even more to the movie.  I adored it as it was for me already the best movie of 2013, Gipsy Danger remains one sexy girl.  And with any purchase you could get the Battleship dvd on the cheap, not the best scifi movie but the Missouri recommisioning sequence with the AC/DC music remains cheer epicness.

Kind of like Alice, she has that 'special thing' going for her when she chases white rabbits in no matter what version...

But of course, no UK trip is complete without 'Fish and Chips' and by finding a good pub by accident, the Cedar Tree in one of the side streets, the internal person was filled as well.  Heck, it was also dirt cheap, knocking down 48 pounds for 6 meals and 8 drinks...

Regrets?  Yes one in the end, that I didn't buy the TARDIS messenger bag at Whatever comics.  I loved the look of the bag, and didn't get back to the store before we had to leave.

In the end I also got some sweet small presents, from my mum this awesome and funny calendar (Darth Vader and Son, even though the munchkin isn't of "ye olde bloode", it feels the same none the less.  Let's say I'm like a Plus Dad)...

and from the girlfriend (who must be credited with the 'touristic pictures' in this post, I errrm, borrowed them unknowingly to add to this post *innocent whistle*) this awesome facts of life T-shirt (okay, that or she is trying to get a message across to not always go for the best).

So now it's off to various travelling and booking sites, and see if I can puzzle together an acceptable rate two day stay in this cosy village somewhere in the spring, and visit at last the actual Canterbury Tales!

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