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Bobbi Eden, Het Openhartige Verhaal... by Bobbi Eden - Book Review

Bobbi Eden, aka Priscillia Hendrikse, is the most famous adult movie star from The Netherlands.  Born in 1980, she was at first a glamour model, before moving to the States and starting a career in X rated movies for Private and other big labels.

Now, the book was the dutch edition, but since she still lives and works for her own brand in California, I`m rather sure it will appear in english as well.

The book details the path of how an `ugly duckling` from a broken family of three sisters gets together with her childhood crush, and then slowly starts the road into adult entertainment.  At first by doing some sidejobs with amateur glamour models, to slowly going to the world of `camgirls`.

From there one, she goes to work in the movies and this adventure takes her to the States and she scores some big money contracts in the era of pre-internet adult movies with the big labels, but all the while she also remains that `normal girl` from the Netherlands.

Her relationship ends as the boyfriend does nothing else then spending her money, but she finds a new love and permanently moves to the States with her now husband Mark and creates her own label of exclusive webmovies and chatrooms, while also becomming a columnist and a mainstream television face participating in dutch editions of Survivor and such.

My biggest grief with the book is a bit two-fold.  The first one is though it breaks some clichees, like every girl having been forced into that line of work (she did it because she enjoyed it), and things like it are all crooks (though she had bad experiences as well).  It is all written a bit to much in a style of Alice in Wonderland.  It is all candy and rainbows in the business, everyone is a happy bunch and the likes, making the whole adult entertainment business sound perhaps to much of a fairy tale.

My second grief is that it seemed they needed 60 or so extra pages.  The final chapters all read like one big advertising promotional for her own brand and current business.

Was it a good read?  Yes, though perhaps a bit short on the issue of how X-rated evolved from the backroom of video rentals to the click of a mouse period.  Considering she was one of the real diva`s that you had back then, that made millions of dollars doing their thing and becoming as famous if not more famous then some mainstream actresses, it is very vague on this `transition`.

My advice on this one is, if it starts showing up in the used bookstores and all, grab a copy, it is an okay bedtime reading, but if you payed like me the premium new book rate, it might be a bit on the expensive side for what you get in return.

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