maandag 29 juni 2015

Galavant season 1 - review

Though short at 8 episodes of 22 minutes each, galavant, an ABC production with mostly a british cast, was a suprise hit, and has been confirmed for a second season.

The series is a musical styled adventure, with a humor in the likes of the best british comedy shows around, making for a very enjoyable show, and the theme opening song of `Gaaalaaaavaaaaaaant` sticks in your head for days.

The story is about the hero Galavant, who`s beloved drops him for the riches and life of luxury that King Richard offers her.  Even though Galavant thinks she is being conceived, when the Valencian princess Isabella asks him to save her kingdom, he hatches a plan to do both that and regain his long lost love.

Who actually turns out to be a heartless, materialistic b*tch that doesn`t want an honest life with Galavant but choses the riches a queen has over love.  She has a plan to remove her incompetent husband from power and take it all for her, and Galavant and his merry band find themselves in the middle.

Though the main cast doesn`t really contain any `big guns` of the cinema`s bar Vinnie Jones, a lot of guest actors are big names, like John Stamos, Rutger Hauer and Ricky Gervais amongst others.

And believe me, you haven`t seen anything until you see Vinnie Jones folk dancing...

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