zondag 28 juni 2015

Lego Book: Ridderwereld

Though I have the dutch version, this is the third book to grace my Legobrary in this range of buildguide books, after building microscale cities and the space empire book.

And this particular book is a blessing for me.

As you can seen from the contributors, a lot of well known MOC`cers have lend a hand in it`s creation, and the book covers a variety of scales and subjects.

Brick build Gandalf, a big dragon, miniscale figure joustings, the weirwood tree from Game of thrones... that is just a small grab out of all the various builds covered.

But for me personally, the true `winners` where a guide on how to build really huge, sturdy trees and how to go about to build a modular castle where all the towers and the likes can be disconnected for easy storage or transportation.  That certainly had some pointers that I`ll be taking along in some future building endeavours to try and increase the quality and `wow factor` of Age of Mitgardia contributions.

And like in the previous volumes, every build comes with a parts used list, including the codes those parts use on BrickLink and the likes, so that makes for some easier times shopping around.

A true recommendation for any Lego medieval and fantasy fan for sure!

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