dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Miniature Wargames 410

Another magazine I picked up this week, even though I went to the bookstore for the Wargames Illustrated, but it hadn`t arrived yet.

No problem, I grabbed this one instead, mostly because of the Salute coverage (in which they managed to misprint my clubs name, TIN soldiers of Antwerp as TOY soldiers of Antwerp *sigh*).

But let`s have a look at things that cuaght my eye instead.  In the new releases pages, there is a whole new range of washes, a paint system popular these days (it wasn`t around in this form when I quit, only a single tone and it was *new* back then).

The next article is an interview with the Aliens vs Predator game, not my "thing"

The next article however definitly caught my fancy.  A piece on asymetric warfare in the Rules of Engagement by Andy Copestake, and how (in historicals) this can provide a whole new set of challenges in creating scenarios.

The main liner is a full game ruleset for a Zulu game, again not my thing, but I love how the magazine uses "from the collection of..." pictures instead of professional painted models all way round.

Next there is a scenario for Airfix Battles, and then we move to the Fantasy and Sci-fi section of Darker Horizons (hey, I remember that, that existed back in my days).

The Gondolin painting is a lovely article, but it seems these days that the black undercoat technique is "out of fashion" according to the writer of the article.   I`ll remain old skool!!!!

Apart from that we have an article on a chat with the Frostgrave designers and two "unique" cards for the game, and the plethora of releases in the genre.

And then we get to the big part of the Salute coverage.  An intresting plethora of pictures and some nice comments (well, apart from the name boo-booh, see above) for those that weren`t there.

Next in the issue (well, apart from the extensive club listing) is the Recce section with an overlook of "regular" books that might intrest the wargamer.  After that, we move to the How to and build some LARGE scenery (54mm scale), and another intresting read in the Falkirk club presentation.

All in all, not really a good issue FOR ME personally, as the three articles that I enjoyed weren`t "period" related.

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