woensdag 10 mei 2017

The (very) short and the (very) long term plan

So, it's been about a month now that I dabbled back into wargaming and painting my figures, and I also have been doing some online and real life research.

Okay, so research is perhaps a wrong term, but for lack of a better word... and this allows me to draw up a "painting row" for the near and far future.

The first and foremost observation I made was when I rejoined TSA (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp), because one of the things I wanted to find out is what is being played there currently.

Well, contrary to what I expected, not Age of Sigmar it seems.  Okay, no jiffy, that means those Daughters of Khaine and relevant things will be moving a bit to the back row for the moment.

Nemesis seems to be mostly into 6mm (or better said, remained within Future War Commander).  Now, together with my spaceships, that was one of the things I didn`t keep when I quit, but I have a plan to face him!

I will be moving those Baccus 6mm AWI figs more to the front of the painting row, and will face him in the future with formed ranks, cavalry and cannon!  Pretty sure there is a list in there somewhere that will accomodate that sort of force, and who cares I won`t have tanks, mechs and other big stuff, causing me to be wiped out to the last man.  It`s all for the sake of the game!

The 28mm stuff remains on par, wether it being my Union, AWI or other likes.  This scale of historical is being played still and regularly, and I`m even tempted to get a Napoleonic force in this scale as well.  Based around Joachim Murat, who might or might not be an illustrious forefather of yours truly (my surname is spelled MurRatH you see), and the GF remarked we actually do look alike...

Who knows what sort of royalty I might turn out to be lol...

The regiment will be based on the green italian uniforms, for his period of reign in the boot of europe, and I`ll be using this plate as an inspiration source.

One thing that I will be pushing to "urgent" levels to paint, once my current project I`m doing is ready, is the Irish.  There is a Dux campaign on the horizon, and SAGA is popular around here, hell, maybe one day I`ll even enter the occassional local tournament just for the fun of it.

Other things that I am planning, but as such will not be at the front, is restoring and rounding out some of my 10 and 15mm historical forces.  Pretty generally based, using 2x2 and 2x4 cm bases as standard, these can either serve in Black Powder, or just as fun side projects. 

For example, By Fire and Sword is played, but not fanatically, at the club, so I might be able to pick a game up once in a while.  And as such I`ll be painting my Cossack force at last.

Another 15mm project I`m keeping track off is the ACW, as Andre, the resident big battle weekend organiser, still dreams of doing one with 15mm.  So I`m going to restore those units for sure, but that isn`t urgent at all, and if I should join the AHPC I`ll probably tackle all those 10 and 15mm figures as part of that.

Well, that`s about it for the planning so far, in conclusion I can state the 28mm "dark ages" are going to be number one to paint for the short future, while the non-28mm historicals are going on the long term list.

Time to fire up those brushes!

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  1. I always found the guy at Baccus easy to talk to and they have a good range of figures. It's a good idea to find an opponent before you get into painting. That said, I have gone down the build it and they will come route and eventually found opponents for the stuff I am interested in.