dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Turn season 1

Set against the background of the American War of Independance, Turn follows the story of spies in service for Washintgon, in order to fight off the british from the colonies.

This prestigious series by AMC counts 10 episodes in it's first season, and focusses mainly on how some childhood friends all get involved into this "job" for their liberty.

In Setauket, Long Island, Abraham "Abe" Woodhull, son of the magistrate, tries to build a quiet life for himself.  But with his childhood love, Anna Strong, he gets involved in the machinations to spy on the local troops.  His friends Caleb and Benjamin both serve in the Continental Army, and they enlist him and Anna in the service as the spy network is being build around New York.

In the meantime, the british try to keep Setauket under control, as major Hewlett tries to rule fair, but his subordinate, Captain Simcoe, is a raving madman.  In new York, John Andre is doing his own spy work and information gathering for the Crown, while Robert Rogers, of the famous Queen's rangers, is out to capture and kill Benjamin Tallmadge.

Now the series does take some serious liberties, like Abe and Anna having an affair, even thought the historical counterparts where both unmarried and had a big age difference.

Never the less, it's a very enjoyable show, and worth watching!

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