maandag 2 april 2018

New Kids Nitro

Okay, totally wrong movie time...

New Kids is a dutch "thing", in which some really marginal guys have the weirdest adventures.

Now, the fun part in these movies is that it are all overaged "gabbers" (something only the flemish and dutch readers here will get, but let's say Chav`s are peanuts against this lowlands originated type of people)... and if I had made some seriously wrong choices in life, this could have been me.


When a meteor crashes in Friesland, a cow there starts giving gigantic amounts of radioactive milk.  Soon the whole area is zombified and an invasion is eminent.
On the other side of Holland, in Maaskantje, the New Kids are going on with their normal life of drugs, drinking and a new rivalry with the nearby village of Skijndel.  This results in some illegal street racing, and to a hooligan wide battle.  When "mams" gets threatened by one of the opponents after the kids "did" his pregnant girlfriend, he sends her safely away to Friesland.
Here she is attacked by zombies, and the kids decide to get her corps for a decent burial...

What I liked about it

* The movie is so bad, that the jokes become hilarious, especially as you can relate to the "mentality" of the gabbers.  XTC powered dance off duels... illegal street races in pimped out junkyard Opel Manta`s... asocial behaviour...
* 2Unlimited!

What I didn`t like about it

* The whole movie!  It`s super bad... and then see above!

Let`s say that this was a special movie night hehehe... though Noshi eyed my when I almost stayed in my laughter with the disabled garagist scene, or the one where children in a pool get bashed in to cool the beer...

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