zondag 8 april 2018

TSA Clubevening the 6th of april 2018

As my own game was over before it really started (you can read about that in yesterday's batte report, found HERE) I had ample amounts of time to make my tour of the club and the other games being played there.

And it was a lovely variety of periods and rules that where put to their paces again this time.

Rudi and his crew played a game of AWI, using Rudi's homemade rules.  They moved on from the ACW to this period now, and it was a lovely table with the british landing as the americans awaited them.

The boardgamers where putting The Golden Age through it's paces.

World War 2 was being present as usual, with two different games being played.  The first was a large multiplayer, while the second wasn't played at the table this week unfortunatly, that battle will be back in swing soonish.

A four player multiplayer of the IXth Age was being played as Orcs and Chaos took on an alliance of Dwarves and Lizardmen.

The dutch store Tabletopper.nl was present this week, running demo games of the new Star Wars Legion game as well.

Glenn and Arne fought a Dux Britanniarum game to test the rules for the big game in october, as the Vikings engaged the Saxons.

Apart from my own game, two more Warhammer 40k battles where in full swing.  The Adeptus Mechanicus took on the "golden boys" in one battle, while the ancient races of Eldar and Necrons crossed each other in the other game.

So that's it for this clubevening once again.  Some intense battles and lovely tables where in full swing again, and people had what they came for: a fun time.

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