vrijdag 15 november 2019

The Croods

This is a bit of a special moment movie, as we watched it the saturday evening after Crisis.  lying only on a matrass in an empty living room, on the small screen of a computer streaming Netflix.

Because the whole appartment in Antwerp has been packed up that weekend, ready for the move...

Due to the overprotectiveness of their father, a cavemen family survives a natural disaster and wild predators.  But when the daughter, Eep, sneaks out at night, she makes contact with a human, Guy, who tells her the world is going to end unless they ride the sun.

Following an earthuake, they discover a hidden jungle and new creatures, but soon the natural disasters start to catch up and they have to go to new lands again.  Guy guides them to a mountaintop but as a chism is froming, Grug must make a big sacrifice and does so, overcoming his nature and his phylosophy of being always afraid keeps you alive.

It was a fun little animation movie (especially the sloth is hilarious, tadadadaaaa) and the voices of Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds add some etra pigment to it.

Recommended for a lazy evening... even in the middle of a move ;-)

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