maandag 4 juli 2022

Antwerpen Bierpassie Weekend Festival

 A bit of the moment spur, as we only found out saturday evening on Facebook about this event, we went to the Beer festival in the centre of Antwerp sunday mid.

And it was a cosy event, busy but not bustling, with 38 new beers and 200+ beers in total to be tasted.

the entrance was free, but you bought a starter pack of 10 euro containing your 20 cl glass, a keychain with bottle opener and 2 tokens for a beer.  Then additional tokens where 3 euro a piece, which considering it where speciality beers isn't to exhurbirant.  Going to have a regular pils beer in Antwerp, 25 cl, in the end costs you 2.5 to 3 euro as well anyways.
  All the while, some live music was present, like the Dixie Street Band.


So, armed with our glass and tokens, me and Noshi went out to explore and discover some specialty drafts.

Round 1

So, with Noshi aiming for the fruitier beers, and me going more towards the hoppier triple's, these where our first drinks:

Cuvee Watou (8%) from brewery Leroy and Pink Killer (5%) from brewery De Silly.
Pink Killer
A good starter for sure for me, and Noshi's grapefruit based beer was while to sweet for my taste, quite refreshing.

The fun thing here, I ran into my childhood friend Toby.  While we kept in touch through Facebook, it had been 28 years (!!!!) since we last saw each other in the flesh.


Round 2

Rodenbach Fruitage (5%) by brewery Rodenbach and Straffe Hendrik Wild 2022 (9%) by brewery de Halve Maan.


Noshi had a very fresh fruit beer, better then the first, but mine in hindsight was perhaps the least loved one by me in the end.

Round 3

Femme Fatale Brett (6%) by Evil Twin Brewing and Quintine Blonde (8%) by brewery Des Legendes

Femme Fatale

Noshi's Femme Fatale was a last moment addition to the event, and isn't in the catalogue, but it was also her least favourite.  It was a good beer, but not a fruity one.  The Quintine Blonde was a decent hop beer for me.

Round 4

Fram Bush (8.5%) by brewery Dubuisson and Hopruiter by brewery Scheldebrouwerij.

Fram Bush

For my final tatser, I let the bartender inspire me, and boy did I love that beer.  A fresh hoppy one, and for me the best of the one I tested.  Noshi went for a heavier beer, with a nice raspberry taste.

So, that was a wide selection of beers that have been tried and tested, and my Untappd shows for it.

And little Thorin?  He enjoyed a good nap in the not to blistering summer sun.

We will be back for sure next year!

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