vrijdag 1 juli 2022

June 2022 Loot

 As the year hits the halfway mark, it is time again for the monthly oversight and links of the obtained loot.

And all in all, I kept it really modest this month, but check it out in this video:

And here are the promised links of all the merchandise.

Strike Gundam, Ichika: These where won on the TokyoCatch crane game app.
Marin clearfile and acryll stand: these where bought at AmiAmi.
Tanjiro, Mel Oguri acryll stand: won back in march, this shipment from Toreba arrived safe and sound this month.
No game No Life light novel, Dress Up darling, I`m the Hero and JK Haru manga: these came through Archonia in my monthly box.

Not to shabby at all for this month, considering I`m keeping it a bit down the coming months.  I have that anime tattoo in the pipeline after all, and that ain`t cheap either.

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