vrijdag 14 juni 2024

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

 After the succesful Afterlife, a new Ghostbusters movie arrived with Frozen Empire.

And even more then in the first one, it brings the new and old generation together.

Three years after the Summerville incident, Callie and her boyfriend Gary, together with her children Trevor and Phoebe have relocated to New York to aid Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore in reestablishing the Ghostbusters.  But after capturing a ghost, their long-time rival Walter Peck, now mayor, threatens to shut them down, forcing them to remove the still underage Phoebe from the team.

Upset, she meets the ghost of a girl her age, Melody, while playing chess in the park.  As Ray and Podcsat collect cursed objects, they are approached by Nadeem Razmaadi who posesses a strange brass orb.  The PKE meter goes of the scale when he tries to scan it, while a cold wave eminated from it damages the Ghostbusters HQ ecto-containment unit, which is dangerously close to full capacity.  Winston takes the orb to the privately owned research center of dr Lars Pinfield, but they can't extract any spiritual energy from it.  Trevor and Lucky visit Nadeem, and together with Peter Venkman discover he has latent pyrokinetic powers.

Ray, Phoebe and Podcasts learn from a research librarian the orb was used millenia ago by four mythical firemasters to trap Garraka, a phantom god who sought to conquer the world by using the power of fear itself.  Nadeem's grandmother belonged to the bloodline of on the firemasters, one of whom prevented the ghost to escape the orb in 1904.

Peck uses Phoebe's involvement to shut down the operation, and Phoebe in turn flees to the research center to extract her ghost for two minutes from her body and interact with Melody.  She learns Melody is involved with Garraka who has promised her afterlife if she aided him.  Using Phoebe's body, he can escape his prison and goes to reclaim his horns to augment his powers.  Garraka begins freezing the city, set out to free the ghosts locked in the containment unit at the Ghostbusters HQ.  Both generations gather to defend the unit, aided by Nadeem who attempts to master his power still.

Garraka overpowers them, but Phoebe, who enhanced her protonpack with copper alloy as this turns out to be the god's weakness, is aided by Nadeem and Melody who has been betrayed by Garraka.  Together with the veteran Ghostbusters they can trap him in the containment unit, as Melody reconciles with Phoebe before passing on into the afterlife to her family.

As the city thaws, the Ghostbusters are hailed as heroes again, with Peck forced to reinstate Phoebe and support the team...

So, this was an enjoyable film, though not as hilarious as the previous instalment I must say.  Never the less, it is great to see them in action, as this is a generational franchise and remain great family moment movies.

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