dinsdag 18 juni 2024

Warning Order issue 1 - Summer 2000

 The first magazine published by Wasatch Front Gaming Society, it is a fanzine that will be published quarterly featuring the games and era's the historical group played at that time.

It features a lot of short articles, and then some beefier ones, for this first edition.
It doesn't really features a cover or such, diving straight into the action as a sort of newsletter / club magazine style that was prelevalent during the period.  If your curiosity is tickled, a quick google will bring you to the club page where you can download those older issues.

Splattered amongst it are short reviews of movies, both in theatre and on DVD like Galdiator, Patton and the likes.  But it opens up with an article on Warfare in the age of Discovery, which features four "semi periods" in the rule set.  It also has list for source material and of course figures to be obtained.

After a mixture of short reviews on books, miniatures and more, the biggest article is a battle report for Command Decision 3: Berlin - Seelowe Highway.  This comes with descriptions of the action in the various phases, as well as with coloured maps of the unit movements.

We then get a bit more of the short reviews as well as a few links and guides for the games they play and enjoy.

So that was it for the first Warning Order issue, intresting for sure but sometimes the articles where a tat to short to my liking, looking more like a gathering of announcements from an old TV guide.  But I have many more and so we can see how this magazine evolves over time hopefully.

See you back soon for issue 2!

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