zaterdag 2 april 2016

FACTS 2016 Spring edition

This year, the FACTS convention has been split in two, one in the spring season, and one at the end of october.

Now, while we will be doing the october version, this spring edition fell to close to Brick Mania next week to put down a club event there... but that didn`t stop me from going.

Accompanied by Humpty, We set off to Fladers Expo and got in the biggest que I have been shuffling in.  I understand it, with the attacks in Brussels last week that security went up, and personally don`t bother much about queing for 45 minutes.

I was a bit disappointed though there was no rollercoaster at the end of the line.

The big benefit of these measures was the no bag policy.  You could walk around now without dodging swivelling backpacks every three steps ;-)

FACTS was once more an edition with a lot of eyecandy to be witnessed, so let`s start with the clubs and displays:

Moving on, there where some very nice cosplay`s as well, but I didn`t have much time to make a lot of pictures from them due to circumstances.

This made me realise I`m really getting old, I didn`t know half of the cosplayed anime characters around anymore, being from recent series I don`t follow, or video game lines which is totally not my cup of tea...

There where the usual traders, and while I did see some very tempting stuff (snap lock kits of Pikachu!!!) I resisted almost every call.

Basically, apart form a collecting of an order (more on that tomorrow), I basically only spend 3 euro for myself in goodies.  That is, without counting the gifts I brought for Chu (her name in japanese caligraphy, with butterflies painted around) and the Smurf (a Slitherin Beanie).

And for me?  "Study material" for a project far far away over the horizon...

Now, all in all, while the halls where spaceous and the foodstuffs decent and not to silly overpriced, it was for me a weaker edition personally.  I had the impression there was far less to see on the clubs levels, and the merchandise was aaaargh.  POPS everywhere.  For a Saint Seiya lover like me, it was a very poor event, I saw one trader carrying some small items in his range and that was it. 

On the other hand, this was a club I was really adoring the handywork from...

I also got the necessary flyers from the event, and some intresting things are coming our way, so is Elftopia launching in Belgium in August, and next year the spring edition of FACTS will be the first and second of april.

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