vrijdag 22 april 2016

Ninjago Rebooted season 3

Today I managed to finish watching the thrid season of the Ninjago: Rebooted cartoon, which numbers 8 episodes of 22 minutes each.

Now, this might have a familiar feel if you played the Nindroids game of the 3DS or Vita, as it drew from this season for the cutscenes and storyline.


The defeated Overlord returns... as a digital virus in the powergrid of the now peaceful New Ninjago City.  The ninja`s must face him once more, as he tries to steal the golden power from Lloyd.

In order to do this, they have been granted Technoblades, who can convert any electronical device to their liking, in order to compensate for the loss of their elemental powers, and will require them to even travel into the digital world.

But while they do manage to overcome them, it requires the ultimate sacrifice from one of their numbers... or doesn`t it?


This was an enjoyable cartoon, and the episode count of the Ninjago seasons makes that it is going at a good pace without becoming to strung out or boring. 
It`s filled with humor (and a love triangle this time!), and if you like Lego series and movies, this is worth the few hours of your time it takes to watch it.


6.5 / 10

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