donderdag 7 april 2016

Lego Build: 75099 Rey`s Speeder

When the new movie Lego sets arrived last year, I can`t say I was particularly wild about the bigger ones in the range.

But the small set of the range, THAT did catch my attention.  The lovingly dubbed `Flying Magnum` (after the ice cream) has been the centre of a lot of meme`s, but also a `Pimp Your Speeder` on the internet, so needless to sat this was a good hit.

The set comes with two minifigures, being Rey herself ofcourse with both a normal head / hairpiece combo, and with a turbaned head.  The other is a thug from Unkar Plutt, who wants to take BB-8 from her.  But unfortunatly the little ball isn`t in this set.

The box contains two bags of parts and a stickersheet, as well as the instructions manual.

The bike itself is centered around a dark blueish gray 2x8 plate, on which connectors are added to work to the sides.

This speeder bike, compared to the Imperial flimsies from episode 6, is a big, bulky machine, looking a bit as a `muscle car` under the speeders.

The central part has an axle that will connect to the engine cone.  This will allow a rotating elements to `open` the side doors of the bike as a play feature.

In froni to this compartment, connectors are added to attach the really big engine compartment to, which makes the rounded bulk of the bike.

The engine cone is then added, and doubles as the handle for the opening side panels as well.

The top engine is worked into the seat of the bike, and then placed above the `handle / engine` at the rear.

Using dark red slopes, the top of the bike is then covered up to give it his rounded look.

Some transparent round tiles go on the underside for the bodywork to rest on.

Stickers are used for the control panel of the speeder bike, and the stabilisation fins at the rear.

The grilled nose of the engine compartment is then build and attached to the front of the machine.

Using a mirror build, the side panels of the engine are build to cover up the front of the speeder.  These can open and double as a storage space for a container of loot Rey scavenged together.

Like her movie counterpart, all kinds of gear is attached to the side of the speeder bike.

It also comes with two studshooter cannons on the bottom, nicely integrated into the rounded lines of the bodywork.

And the full set stands completed:

The set also had a nice amount of spare parts, always a good thing!

I really liked this set, it`s a great representation of the film version, and the dark reddish colour makes it stand out nicely from a range that is mostly made of light grey vessels and vehicles.  TOP set!

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  1. Wonderfull set! I've seen it some months ago at a Lego shop (Wijnegem/Belgium), and I was almost sold. I didn't buy it because my wife would have asked me if I was going nuts!


    1. Sometimes, you can better be labelled `nuts` though ;-)

    2. Maeby. Butwhen I look at my stash with model figures and kits, I can understand her opinion! :-D