maandag 18 april 2016

Clam and Cup Coffee Burnery

When news reached the settlement that Cpt. Cooke was on route to Quinnsville aboard his newest ship, the HMHV Athena, it was time to present him with the real treasure of Cocovia.

While our settlement might not put the emphasis on military might, relegating this order of affairs mostly to the neighbour settlement of King`s Harbour, it is of course a matter that needs discussing in detail.

And to that end, what better place to do it at the Clam and Cup.  In this all talk high trendy bar at Quinnsville, the coffee beans are prepared into the most ancient of arts, the Civet Kowi Lupak.  In this most time honoured tradition, the beans are fed to civet cats, and then their excrements are boiled into the black gold.

So the first plate of Quinnsville was ready at Brick Mania Wetteren, and now we have begun work at expanding her for Antwerpen in november by hopefully a full two plates more, as well as some smaller `hinterland` builds in the future (plantation, mine, that sort of thingies...).

The coffee bar was of course the first that needed to be build, as that is the sole reason a caffeine addicted geek like me picked that island to settle on to begin with, hope you like it!

I will be licensing it as a small factory, though that will have to wait until may 1st, as I used up my maximum of 3 allowed registrations in a month for april already ;-)

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