zaterdag 3 september 2016

Brick Vehicles - Warren Elsmore

Another Elsmore book, who also did the lovely monuments books and the likes, this volume focusses on vehicles build from our beloved bricks.

Not that that is a suprise going by the title of course ;-)

The book follows the usual sequence, starting with an explanation of terms, brick dimensions, where to get parts and the likes, then moving into the various modes of transportation, including chariots, ships and up into space.

This is reflected with a collection of great looking builds included with some words of explanation.  These have some really stunning things amongst them, like The Zwarte Zee tug or the Montgolfier airballoon.

It also features literally a ton of instructions of not to hard to build, and not to many ultra rare parts for all kinds of vehicles for your own cities and lay-outs.  My personal favorites are probably the F1 car, but also those typical London canal ships you see everywhere in the city.

A very handy book to have in your Legobrary, so look around and get it when you come across a copy of it, you won`t regret it in the slightest.

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