maandag 12 september 2016

Inspirational Lego # 87

Another hot monday here in Belgium, but here we are with our weekly selection of great builds I came across on the Internet.

And we start the week with a huge specship, which is only fitting as people are currently building for Shiptember again.

LL2016 in my mind's eye looks a bit of a carrier version of the Babylon 5 Hyperion cruiser, fortified by it's colourscheme.  Complete with opening baydoors and all, the picture of it's creator shows just how massive this vessel is!

Resting in the space theme, we have this mecha fighterjet, looking like it came straight out of an anime.

This is a cool build, of a robot looking at a sprue where he is build from...

More space in this episode, with the arrival of the Colonial Marines at the colony building, as we all know and love from the Aliens movie.

Next we have a massive Atlas tank.

Coming back to "our time", this is a gorgeous build of the french Clemenceau aircraft carrier.

Even further back in history we find this workshop of the great inventor himself, Leonardo DaVinci.

A classic saturday morning cartoon character from the 80s, we have Dungeon Master from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

This brickbuild figure of Rei from the Evangelion anime series looks just right.

The last build we have this week is this majestic Ironbelly dragon from the final Harry Potter movie.

And that's it again, see you all next week for another selection!

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