zondag 4 september 2016

The Haul Report # 45

Hey all, and welcome to another weekly report of stuff that arrived for my collections.

Or as this week will show, also for the kid's collection, who is my number one trading partner.

I finally managed to hang up my Lord of the Rings videogame promotional poster, as I found a frame for little money in the local Kringloop.  Getting a big bag of Megabloks bricks for 2 euro is a bonus, as I have a LOT of plate filling to do the coming weeks.

I also received my Lego online store order, containing 16 polybags of the new CMF series and the seasonal Vampire.  Unfortunatly, Lego didn`t pick that greatly for me, as I ended up with only a single pirate and a single arabian guy, two "rank and file" models that really caught my attention in this series.

A BrickLink order came in as well, mostly 1x1 tiles that allowed me to progress a lot on a mosaic I`m doing, just waiting for another small one now to actually complete the moc.

On the other hand, this BrickLink order did allow me to complete the second baseplate of Quinnsville, as it also had the parts for the final module.  I`ll be showing that build in the near future, when I have the time to lay-out the complete pirate town as she stands now, ready for Brick Mania Antwerp.

A few Facebook purchases fell in the mailbox as well, this first lot of figures costed me under half a euro for a figure, and it included as "gems" for me the Lake-Guard, the Toy Story alien and some Castle and Ninjago figures, so that was a nice one to grab.

I also got a Jar-Jar Binks through FB, which was a trade token with the kid, as he wanted to give me a Frodo for it.  We often do this, as he got some Tolkien sets in the past, cares zilch about them, and just wants Star Wars figures instead, so I often scour the internet with his "want list" of figures to trade.  Well, it's not that I'm hearthless, but his mum and I decided he has to learn he doesn't keep getting everything for free.  By learning him to exchange things for things he wants, he gets a bit of a better insight that you won't get all you want tossed in your lap (he's being 11 in two weeks btw).

A small order of custom pieces by BrickForge, from their 30 under 30 program arrived as well, including once more some freebie stuffsies (the flamer, the utility belt and the spade).

The final collecting item is perhaps something entirely different: I had some work done on my Saint Seiya tattoo in progress, with the ice crystals being placed now.  All that remains to be done now is bordering off the designs, and shading it all in to one big sleeve using dark blues and dark purples.

Well, that`s it once again, a nice week of collecting stuffsies, and until the next one!

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