zaterdag 10 september 2016

Life has a Way...

It happens all the time.  I guess one could call it the natural way of things, as life catches up and rambles all your plans.

Though in a way for me, big changes are on the horizon in a good way, as my legs are slowly getting better and I can try to get more productive again, which is something I relish.

Of course, that is going to have a major influence on my building time, and I`m going to be forced willing or not to be more focussed in the theme's I want to work around.  The past year has been marked with good intentions, and a lot of sidetracking as something else caught my fancy.

Now, I'm being "forced" a bit (okay, that is way to hard of a term) to refocus on my true Lego love, being the Tolkien-verse, and my attention, bar a few other projects I already commited to, will be turned on only that.  I have been checking my home made "map" of MOC's I wanted to build when I began again with Lego now 4 years ago, and I`m currently at 9 builds completed out of the 56 ones I want to make one day for Middle Earth.

Now, apart from those builds themselves, the entire map will in the end be made as a sort of "mosaic" around the mocs and displays I'll eventually have put together, but we are talking 36 square meters of build once all is finished, as the 48x48 baseplate is the "metric unit" on which everything will be based.  Needless to say, this is a 10 year plan if not longer hehehe.

Unfortunatly, this means I`m going to scrap some other projects I wanted to try, but heck, if that is what it takes, so be it.  Quinnsville for example will remain "intact" until I need the space it currently occupies, and the sci-fi convention builds will be good for 1 year of "touring", after that I`m taking them apart to refill my brick boxes for Middle Earth building.

But on the short term, I better invest in another 3 Fellowships and 2 sets of Thorin's Company before they become unpayable...

Ow, for those curious, this is the map I was talking about, drawn the first time said years ago.  Blue circles are "events" I want to build, and will be a mix and match of microbuilds, vignettes, set displays and pure mocs, while those filled in with red are already completed (see "LEGO Middle Earth" at the top of the blog).

Yes, this used to be called LEGO mocs, but I`m cleaning that all out at the moment and only putting the Middle Earth builds there still, making it a bit easier and more oversightfull for myself as well :-)

Well, time to scour the internet for some minifigures, cheerios!

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