zondag 16 juli 2017

Bob the Psychedelic Orc

Meet Bob.

Bob is an Orc.

Bob came ages ago with a sample pack in an order, and never had a future as such in my armies.

Now Bob found a purpose.

Bob became a paint tester.

With the arrival of the Army Painter washes, of which I`d ordered Strong Tone and Purple Tone as I think those will be the ones I`ll be using the most, I prepared a figure with on the one hand a light grey undercoat and flashy colours that will end on my Emperor's Children.  On the other half, a black undercoat with more "muted" colours, and to see how the effect of both washes would be.

I love the effect the Purple tone has, as this was the "question mark" of washes to see what they do. Particularly on the Squid Pink (his arm), the Elf Flesh (the pale side of his face) and the pinkish tint it gives to the Gunmetal (lower leg).  The Strong Tone on the other hand did just that, mute and shade the colours it was applied over.

Bob did a great job.

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