zaterdag 15 juli 2017

On the Painting Desk 3

Well, I finished the Swordsman the past week, so I`ll be doing a few lines on them on of these days, and now it`s time to start the 6mm.

Fact is, my inks, something Nemesis showed me a while ago how they work, have arrived from Wayland Games yesterday.

Now I`m first going to do a "colour effect test" (the Orc in the topleft corner) on how the inks shade most colours I`m expecting to use with the material - I`ll report on that in a day or two, as each wash needs about 24 hours to dry, then if I like the results I`ll start "washing" the 6mm Emperor's Children later this week, as well as test an idea I have for their bases.  That last one might be hit-or-miss, as I know from the past it works rather okay on 28mm, but might be to "heavy" for 6mm.

This also will give me a slight break from more troops to paint for the big battle on the 20th of august.  I`ll need to do about two rank and file regiments more and then I`ll guess I`ll be "where I must be" to play with about 1000 points.

That also means that this bunch of 6mm is putting me already 1 unit over 1.000 points to start playing Future War Commander again (Marine Corps list), so the Land Speeder won`t be included in the initial army, and I can go expanding on those then later on.  Next up after that is to get a new edition 40k force up and running, aiming at 1000 points equivalent in Power levels, though my very first draft already goes to double that. 

We`ll see how it progresses the coming week.

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