zaterdag 22 juli 2017

On the Painting Desk 4

Quite a bit on the plate this week, as I`m about to round out my Age of Sigmar force of 1.000 points, and will be fielding it for the first time in two weeks.

While that will be part of a multi-player, which is the easiest way to pick up the rules, that also means I can go spend more time getting my Emperor's Children battleworthy, the first goal going to be 500 points.

In the meantime, I`m going to be working on all these guys the coming week, though I don`t expect to get it ALL done, I`m aiming to finish the AoS models and the FWC ones for sure, and get as far as possible on the 40k models.

Clockwise as such, we have the following models on the painting desk...

A unit of 10 Militia, which will bump my AoS force to 940 points, leaving me a nice 60 points to round out the force with a Hag for the Witch Elf contignent.  Thay are also my main priority to paint this week.

A small detachment of 6mm that will be painted as Night Lords, part of the multiple Legion 40k and FWC plan.  These might be done by next week.

Next up we have the Warptalons.  I finished the first one of them already, and now I`ll be working on the rest of the squad.  My goal is to get all the pink on them at least and wash it with my purple army painter.  To that end, they can be worked on in the week afterwards.

The female Chaos familiar, who will become my demon princess in FWC.  She only needs to be based and varnished, so she'll probably be finished tonight.

Same goes for the other small detachment, these going to be of the Alpha Legion.  They need to get some detailing, basing and varnishing, so I`ll get those done as well this evening.

Well, that`s it for this weeks paint-plan, let`s see where we get during the week :-)

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