zondag 2 juli 2017

The Haul Report 88

Another week has past by, and some nice additions have found their way into my possession once again.

The first one was long awaited, as it was first set for release in february.

But now the latest book of Tolkien has been released, Beren and Luthien, telling the story of the lovers that are often referenced to in the Lord of the Rings.  I picked up my copy at my local bookmonger, Standaard Boekhandel in Mortsel.

The other thing I acquired was this nice find on eBay, 20 steeds of Slaanesh for the epic 40k range, which will be used as Emperor's Children bike troops in Future War Commander. 

If you see what they ask for the old epic plastics these days, at less then 5 pounds including shipping this was a truly great find.

Well, that`s it again for this week, see you again in 7 days.

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