zaterdag 11 augustus 2018

Burrows and Badgers demo board session 1

So me and Noshi spend our saturday afternoon working on the scenery and all for the Burrows and Badgers board we will be using at Battling Through the Ages, the TSA Open Day taking place the 29th of september.

The goal is to play a small participation game, with summarised, leaving out more intricate rules, on a single TSS tile, measuring 24" by 24".

To that end I got one of the club tiles (we have a "few" hundreds) in my hands to restore and touch-up to make the board, and then stack it with a lot of scenery.  Planned are that one side of the river will feature an old castle area using the aquarium pieces, while the other side will be a village with civilians and all.  The river will cut the board in half with a bridge in the center for the bands to pass over.

I started with using greenstuff to fill up the largest "cracks" on the tile, and liquid putty to fill in the smaller cracks.

For the bridge, I did the same to connect the two halves.  Once these are dry, I can file and sand them to smooth edges.

In the meantime, Noshi was busy painting on the MDF houses of the terrain.

The aquarium tower is ready for use, being touched up completely.  I`ll feature it in a seperate post a bit down the line.

The large ziggurat like temple was worked on as well by both of us, each drybrushing in turn different colours on the model.  Talk about team effort on our 1 year anniversary!

 After this afternoon, progress was as followed:

* The board had his holes filled, as did the bridge.
* markings brought on the tile where the flock has to be removed in order to widen the pathway to the bridge.
* ziggurat has been drybrushed, the golden skulls now need attention.  We did however decide not to use this one on the one tile game, as it is to clunky and dominant for that.
* One of the dark age houses is completely done (seperate post follows soon), the second one is in the final stages.
* a dozen pieces of small scatter terrain is done (again, future post for more details), as is a Pikachu to be a bit of in-game joke (seperate post again, later).
* large aquarium tower is done.
* Lord of the Rings Gondor ruin is done as well, and will as well be featured seperatly in the near future.

So that was a moghty productive afternoon for sure.  Next time, Noshi is going to focus on the bridge (I need to undercoat it asap) and her final house, before tackling some more small wall sections and the likes.  And make nice playsheets of the summarisation of the rules I did...
I will be doing work on the tile then, preparing it to be ready for airbrushing afterwards, as well as of course painting up the needed figures...

We`re on schedule!

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