woensdag 25 mei 2022

365 Days: This Day

 Okay, so the original 365 days, a polish movie, was "enjoyable" trash.

This, well, just trash...

It begins with Laura, who apparently was killed in an assassination attempt at the end of the first movie, is happily alive and fornicating with Massimo before their wedding.  She lost her child, which he doesn`t know, and not one piece of explantion is given on how.

But quickly the happy, horny, married wife changes in the bitchy bored housewife.  And then she catches massimo having his way with a red-head from another maffia family.  Laura flees and enter Nacho the gardener, a simple working class man living in a villa you see in boutique resorts.

But now comes the big twist!  She didn`t see her husband cheating on her, she saw his secret identical twin brother instead!  And he works for a rival family together with the redhead, in what is a criminal duo so inept it puts Team Rocket's Jesse and James to shame.  At least those two had a witty talking cat...

So nope, this wasn`t a good flick at all, 65% of it consisting of nudity, 5% of comical relief of Laura's friend Olga and her lover Domenico and 30% of thinking "why the hell am I watching this rubbish".

But heck, only one more to go apparently, so let's hope it at least gets SOME story back... as we all know she will survive the gunshot wound at the end of the movies cliffhanger.

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