maandag 23 mei 2022

Turning Red

Recently, Noshi was watching this movie with Thorin, and daddy watched along from the tabledesk.

I read online the movie came highly rated, so it peaked my curiosity even though I`m not that much of a Pixar / Disney guy.
Back in 2002, 13 year old Mei-Lin lives in Toronto, helping her family out in the ancestral temple they run, dedicated to the Red Panda deity. Not wanting to hurt her overprotective mother Ming, she hides her true intrests, like the boysband 4Town she wants to go see with her friends.

Spirits from the temple come to her in her sleep, and she now transforms into a huge Red Panda if she gets emotionally charged.  This is actually a family curse, passed down for generations, that awakens once the girls in the bloodline come of age.

She exploits her new ability to make money for the concert tickets in secret, even attending a birthday party of the school bully who knows her secret.  During a family ritual to seal the spirit back away, Mei sneaks off to the concert, her mother getting so angry she transforms in a gargantuan Red Panda giving chase and wrecking the concert venue.

But with the help of her grandmother and 4Town, they manage to overcome her and during a shift to the astral plane she reconciles with her mom, bringing life back to more normal states, even though she keeps using her transformation ability to help at the temple as an attraction.

Well, no, this wasn`t a bad movie per se, but not my cup of tea.  Oh well, can`t love everything you see I guess.

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