zondag 14 februari 2016


What better time to spend a sunday afternoon with a lovely Disney / Pixar movie from 2012, Brave.

Well, except that the GF is taking a well deserved nap and the Smurf is playing FIFA 16...

Oh well, Brave is the tale of princess Merida, and is set in Scotland.  Now that Merida has come of age, her mother wants her to be suitored by the sons of the clan lords, but Merida isn`t a princess like girl at all and rebels against her mom.

This causes her to use a spell that transforms her mom into a bear by accident, and together they have to find a way to break the curse before the second sunset.  This brings mother and daughter closer together and learn more of each other then in the years before.

Brave is a very nicely animated movie, and the story is one of creating your own faith as the underline.  It is full of funny `typical Disney` humour, and the triplets are rather hilarious (be sure to watch the extra scenes from the DVD).

But also, it felt at times as a repeat of another, far less known and definitly less succesfull Disney movie: Brother Bear.

But never the less, it was worth the hour and a half of watching time :-)

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