maandag 22 februari 2016

MOC: The Lost Valley

My latest MOC, and one that really needed to be finished before Brick Mania Wetteren, is The Lost Valley.

This is my module to participate in the BeLUG Time Traveller clubproject (more info can be found here on that), and I wanted to add some little twists to it.

While in essence, you have to build a `historic build`, some lee-way to this is allowed, and I took that with both hands.   On the road that runs over all the modules, I have placed a paleontologist who has uncovered the height of her career, an intact fossil!  But she doesn`t realise that right behind her, there is still a group of people from my `setting` I chose.

The Neolithic Man.

For this build I tried something else than I usually do for trees (I was running out on green foliage) and I kind off like the result, breaking up the scene and making it more colourful.

I also opted for that `hehehe` moment, by having the inhabitants being observed by someone very special ;-)

I hope you like it!

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