maandag 1 februari 2016

Cracking open the Series 15 box

Past saturday I received my Series 15 collectible minifigures box, and yesterday afternoon I have been opening the packages and sorting the figures.

The deal is, I usually split them into three `groups`.

These groups are `The Keepers`.  That are minifigures that I will be using `as is` to populate builds and the likes, and for that reason I loved the Faun, the Golden Warrior, the Knight, the Tribal Woman (the baby piece is fantastic!) and a single Queen to go with my King from previous series.  For this series, that`s 16 figures from the box.

The second group are `The Parters`, these are the figures I can use some pieces from, without having use of all the elements causing some of them to end on BrickLink or such.  An example of that is the Farmer, whose pig I `must have`, and his hayfork, hat and legs are recycable for my periods of intrest for builds, while his head and torso end up to trade.  The two remaining queens and the ballerina`s are such figures that I`ll be using all pieces from, without actually using the full figures.  The farmer and animal controllers, well, for their pets in the first place, and as such 11 figures go into this pile.

The final pile is the `The Traders`, figures that I don`t really want pieces from, and won`t be using in builds, ending up on my Miniature Trading account in order to get some more figures I do need.  In this series, that means 33 figures, a bit more then with the previous series, but considering I usually can `use` about half of a full box, that is still a nice average I got out of this one.

I like series 15 rather a lot, especially the Faun being my favorite `must have` from the range for future builds.  Now I only hope some `regimental trooper` for the Rennaissance area, like the Revolutionary Soldier a few series back, will pop up in the future again... or a medieval style Alchemist!

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