vrijdag 19 februari 2016

MOC: Transferring Command

As I keep making progress on the plates for Quinnsville this month, I managed to get a small fort ready for the `level 1` in Brethren of the Brick Seas, restricted to a ground plate of 16x16.

I`ve build it on a tan plate, so that I could then transfer it and incorporate it after the `license` to the larger beach section of 32x48 where it would guard one side of the city in the making that will debut at BM-W in april.

A sudden knock on the door...

"Enter" Sir Smaugton said.  So his visitor had arrived, an hour early. 
A heavily mustached man entered his office room, saluting him.  "You wanted to speak to me sir"?

"Ah, commander Prowse, welcome welcome.  I would offer you a seat, but instead I will vacate mine and take you for a walk."  Sir Smaugton said as he picked up his hat. "Let`s go to the fort".

The fort, he thought.  A ramshackle and hastily constructed wooden redoubt, that will be guarding the beach next to his still budding colony.  Armed with a single battery of 24 pounders and a contignent of Royal Marines, this might be the only thing standing between the young hamlet and the dangers out there, together with the patrolling galley HMS Terrigan.

"Join me on the paraphet`s if you please" Smaugton set as both men climbed to the first level by way of ladders.  This definitly wasn`t a place of luxury or comfort.

Smaugton gazed out over the landscape.  "Mr Prowse, as you can see, the city relies on our limited defences" as they looked to the houses still being constructed.  "and for that, it will have to rely on guidance and leadership, a task that, as it`s founder, falls to me."
Prowse nodded in agreement.
"However, that also means that I cannot take to sea in the near future.  When I embarked on this adventure, I had never thought I would be founding a hamlet for her Majesty, just that I would go on an plei the trade lanes in some uneventfull cargo or personel hauls." Smaugton said, a bit of a sad smile coming over his features, as if he wallowed in melancholy.
"Even though the waters are seemingly unsafer then presumed at first."  grumbled Prowse.
"Indeed" sir Smaugton nodded. "And that is why I need an experienced captain to take over command of the HMS Green Dragon.  And that captain, commander Prowse, will be you!".

Prowse looked suprised and stammered "Me, sir?"
"Indeed, here are your orders, congratulations CAPTAIN Prowse, the Green Dragon is yours.  She lies for anchor just off the beach, and is all ready and stocked up to leave on her monthly trade run.  Handle her with love, and she won`t let you down.  Might the wind be in your sails."

Now I`m entering a 10 day "stagnation" period in which I`ll be barely able to build something, but after that I hope to be able to actually finish all three plates for the Wetteren event, apart from perhaps a tiny detail left or right.

Here is a `sneak peak` of the fortress now incorporated on it`s designated beach section:

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