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Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List: February 616

Every month, SkaForHire, Game master in chief of the Brethren of the Brick Seas game over at Eurobricks is going to be writing down the results and more of the monthly MCRA, which is basically `the adventures of the players ships` in the game in a bid to get more riches and fame.

Now as this first month made clear, the risks are very, very high, and it is not the greatest idea in the world to go solo navigating the world in a cog, but then again as you can see in this report, even flotilla`s can run into trouble.

I consider myself very lucky in this very first outing of the game, as my ship, the HMS Green Dragon, seemed to not only have escaped dangerous encounters with the group she was sailing in, but also gotten an apparently incredible price for it`s wares, which has enabled me this morning to license both the Isandlwana and the Terrigan into the game for hopefully some more bounty next month.

That still leaves me with a nice `savings account` to start the actual founding and licensing of properties for the city of Quinnsville, for which at the moment I would just need 25 DBs of what I`ve build yet not registred (the commerce hall), and I`ll be getting some small amounts of DBs left and right as well probably this month from some small freebuild `scenes` I`m planning on (the actual founding of the village, the `transfer of captaincy` for the Green Dragon as my sig-fig will take on his mantle of governor, the MCRA result, etc etc)

But without further ado, here is the excellent newspaper:

Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List
New Terra’s most reliable source for shipping news.
February 616. VOL 1 ISSUE 1

Editor’s Column
It has been a long time since the Terraversa Sea has seen so much activity. We can thank the current Mardieran Civil War for some of this, but we cannot overlook the influence of Eslandola, Corrington, Oleon, and the vicious hive of scum calling themselves Sea Rats.   This month three new colonies appeared on the map. Elysabethtown and Port Raleigh on a newly discovered Island east of Nellisa, and Rassilon on the Nest of Thieves.
Rumors have it that the Sea Rats have themselves a small navy, and were out in force, while the empires have all finally sent warships to these waters. But you all are not reading this to hear about recent history, you want to know where to send your next ventures.

This is the section where we include the juiciest morsels of shipping information that we have gleaned from the taverns of Terraversa, that and the vilest slander and lies a pirate could tell! Use these tips at your own risk!

Treasure Lost!
Somewhere off the coast of LeBellan is the sunken wreck of Le Grande, a well-traveled government ship that was reportedly hauling gold! Eager treasure hunters may want to sweep the coast of this island in the coming months before some damned Sea Rat finds the missing treasure!

Bananas wanted!
It is said that the Queen of Corrington herself is pregnant, out of wedlock no less! What a scandal! It is said that her cravings can only be satiated by one food, the new world fruit, Bananas!  Luckily, Terraversa is full of such wonderful delights. An enterprising merchant may find a tidy profit in a quick run between this island and Belson.  But I wouldn’t stop anywhere in between, the Queen in hungry and Bananas do not stay ripe forever!

MAESTRO needs nails for all the coffins they are using at Elysabethtown!
That rascally new trade company MAESTRO seems to be in a bind at their new settlement. Scores of men are dying, and they have run out of nails for their coffins! The King of Eslandola has offered a great bounty to the enterprising   ship’s master who can take nails from Terreli to New Terreli for the crown.

Sea Rats trade fleet decimated, looking for new captains!
It has been confirmed that our own L’Olius, privateer for this island, has captured three Sea Rats in one glorious battle. Most of the offensive filth are being held in the Kings Port Gaol, awaiting trial – and hopefully a hanging! Rumors from the Nest of thieves have led us to learn that the faction is dying for new members. A bounty of 10 gold per captain has been assigned!  Abandon your colors now mates, I hear Bastion is pretty this time of year.

Shipping Lists:
Here is this month’s shipping list.

From Granoleon: Reports say that a large Corlander fleet has come to port, apparently taking advantage of the treaty struck after the Juniper War. And the Oleanders needed the supply! We only heard of one ship that sailed for their nation this whole last month. The Black Marlin, Saucy Jack, Swift Packet, and Sphynx made it into port with some harassment. They were guided by the ships Mermaid and Pandora, of the Corrington Navy.  The latter captured a pirate, Pardisio, off the coast of Garvey when attacked the Saucy Jack, and brought the privateer  into port for adjudication. The convoy was able to outrun a Sea Rats raiding convoy off of Holder’s Rock, but just by the skin of their teeth.   The Corlander flotilla was supposed to include the Knight of Stedor from Eslandola, but the vessel sprung a leak as it left port in Nelissa with the convoy, sadly it had to turn back without any profit. Also coming into port with a healthy profit was the Little Hermes of Oleon.  Both the Black Marlin and the Swift Packet’s purchasing agents were able to find excellent deals in Terreli, and they made a large sum over what was expected. Sea Rats, there be your target.

From Belson: Another convoy of Corlanders made it into port at Belson. The beautiful Sulky Harlequin, HMS Green Dragon, and their escorts HMS Queen’s Glory of Corrington and oddly, the Dark Lightning of Eslandola.  The Coyle Shipping Company was probably hoping for a more promising payload on their flagship’s maiden voyage, but she was profitable.  She had to outrun a pirate, but otherwise it was an uneventful journey. However, the Green Dragon was extremely profitable for such a small ship.

From New Terreli:  A fleet of Eslandolan vessels came into harbor. The Bright Owl and Aurei Lacerta, escorted by the Trovao made a handsome profit, and came back +1 vessel, as the warship caught the infamous Garvian privateer “The Fallen Angel.” A wonderful Class 5A1 prize! This might make up for the nation’s losses a bit. But that was not the only good news, the Queen of Terelli also captured our esteemed privateer “King of Mardier”  off the coast of Garvey when attacked the The Flying Colt, and brought the privateer  into port for adjudication.   We are sure Remmy Le’nine will be acquitted of all wrong doing and be back at sea again. The Queen of Terelli was also escorting the HMS Alice. Apparently the third of her escorted ships, the Appleseed sunk in the middle of the right after leaving Terelli. It is thought that all hands went down with the ship.

Sprung a leak: The Sea Rats vessel, the Parakeet took on water quickly after it left Terelli, and missed out on this trade season.

Captain L’Olius captures three Sea Rat vessels! The Parakeet was one of the lucky Sea Rats this month, for off the coast of Granoleon, laden with treasure from their run, the Sea Rat’s merchant fleet met its end to The Crooked Sparrow. A brilliant victory by our great native captain, L’Olius circled the two Sea Rat escorts, The Viper and the White Skull, and forced them to collide. He then fired a couple broadsides until their colors were struck. After which he took the Wave of Knowledge. On the voyage back to this port, he learned that the Wave of Knowledge had already been attacked by pirates, and the other vessel in their flotilla, The Dogged Wench had sunk a day earlier, not 15 leagues from the site of the battle.  IT was only when all of the crews were imprisoned at the Gaol here in Kingsport that L’Olius found out that the fifth Sea Rats vessel, La Dindon slipped away. It is rumored that she found a very handsome profit in Granoleon.

If you would like to advertise in the Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List, or just want to commit libel against your friends and enemies, please contact us. Our fees our quite reasonable.

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