zondag 14 februari 2016

The Haul Report #16

Another week gone by, and some nice little goodies have found it`s way to my collections again as I managed to do some good trades.

...and some nice little purchases...

The week began with this parcel dropping in found through Facebook, a lot of various pirate figures and torsos, which is always handy for the upcoming builds and the population of my city to be.

Through BrickLink, I got two small envellopes with some torsos, whom I will be needing for two collaboration builds in BOBS, which will revolve around a group of scientists in our MAESTRO storyline.

Tuesday I went shopping with the GF, and it was the brithday of my local bookdealer, so what better excuse to drop by him, wish him a happy birthday and snatch up the new Nexo Knights book for my Legobrary.  The book is completely different from their usual productions, and truly beautiful, but that will be something for when I finished it ;-)

I also found a Juniors Pirates set, which is full of handy pieces and the map element I really wanted.  Even the printed wall section is handy for future builds.

The final purchase was yesterday.  A facebook friend had pointed me to the final stocksale of a toy- and childrenstore that stopped it`s activities, and while it wasn`t much, they still had some Lego standing around.  Namely these 5 sets, whom I paid 32.50 for the whole lot, not bad as I discovered both the Dino and the Technic set alone are listed on BL for 30 each.

So that has been a good week again for parts, with an unexpected `finale` in that I now have some more sealed sets (the Technic and the 2 City sets above) to be able to trade around for piratey and knightley stuffsies in the future.

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