zaterdag 27 februari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6825 Cosmic Comet

Roight, after all the announcements of today involving the `expansion` of this little site on the internet, it`s time to get back to the core business, brabbling about Lego.

In today`s classic build, we travel back 30 years into the past to meet a set from the far, far future.  We build this nice little set from the Classic Space range, released in 1985.

The Cosmic Comet is a 35 parts set, and comes with a single minifigure, a white legonaut.

The base of the vessel is two of the blue wings, and a triangle piece for the nose.  These are connected at the underside of the vessel.

Round bricks are added under the wings to serve as landing gear, while a connector is added to the front for it`s searchlights.

On the top of the vessel, a seat is installed for our brave spaceman to travel the galaxy.

The engine is made up of 4 trans-red cones, connected to the backside of the seat.

The antenna array is put in the nose of the vessel, while steering handles are placed at the front of the seat.

Add a camera at the front and trans-yellow tubings, and the vessel stands completed:

Though Space is not really my theme, there have been some sets in it I really liked.  Unfortunatly, this particular set isn`t really doing something for me, I find it a bit to bland for my liking, even a simple printed control panel would have improved it`s looks in my eyes...

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