zaterdag 20 februari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4752 Professor Lupin's Classroom

A nice little set from 2004, this Harry Potter build is from the `middle ages` of the line.  

The minifigures have become flesh coloured by now, yet the builds themselves still resemble the style of the older range like the Philosopher Stone sets with their big wall pieces and sandgreen details.

Included in this 144 piece set are three minifigures: Neville Longbottom, Professor Lupin and a Bogart disguised as Snape, from the scene in the Azkaban movie where he pops out dresses as Neville`s grandma.

As I said, the build itself still follows the old range, so we start with two thick dark blue grey plates connected by a hinge element.

On the small section, two pillars are added with a spiderweb in between.

This chocolate bar is rather cool if you ask me... and froms one of the decorations on the small desk in the room.  Because chocolate (as you could read in the book) was the best remedy to overcome the effects of a bogart.

The turning mirror is then installed behind which this Bogart can hide, ready to become summoned in the lesson.

The swivelling staircase is the next thing we will be installing, as this goes on the small section of the plates.

We roof up the small section with a black baseplate, while bars are placed on the larger one.  On the top of the black plate a small `chest` hides a hidden note.

There are also some tools up there, including this nice printed dark trans blue tile and some books.  Slopes are added there as well to raise the height of the build some more.

Dragon heads are added to the classroom, while black plates make the circumference of the small tower.  On top of these the dark green elements get placed to represent the tower and roof of the build.

And the final set stands completed:

It`s a really nice little set to put on display if you ask me, and the Azkaban series smaller sets are these days still relatively okay in price.  Not as cheap as the yellow ones from before, but not as expensive as the larger sets from later waves either... I found two of these (one for me, one for the kid) at around 30 euro average.

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