donderdag 4 februari 2016

The Expanse

Perhaps the suprise hit of the winter television schedule, The Expanse is based on the novels by James S.A. Corey.

It has been adapted into a 10 episode long series for SyFy channel, and has already been renewed for a second season coming around the 2017 winter season mark.

In about 200 years from now, Earth has expanded, and then gotten into conflict, with Mars.  And in between are the `Belters`, asteroid field workers often seen as less then human due to their existence in outer space.

On one of those belt stations, Ceres, detective Miller is tasked with finding a young woman, Julie Mao, who disappeared with her ship, the Scopuli.  Another ship, the ice hauler Canterbury, discovers this vessel, but is attacked and destroyed by mysterious ships, except for a party of five that was on a salvage mission to an abandoned freighter.  These two seemingly unrelated events lead to tensions between Mars and Earth, with the Belt seemingly being the hotspot for all the problems.

As detective Miller on his investigation, and Holden and the survivors on trying to find a way home resulting in the destruction of a Mars warship by the same attackers of the Canterbury, soon find out is that both their courses are aiming towards the same goal, the fate of Julie and the vast conspiracy that is behind it.

One of the things The Expanse reflects greatly, is just how big an empty the universe actually is.  The series is dark and brooding in design of the locations, looking like a love child between Blade Runner`s cities and Firefly`s crew running amok in it. 

I really liked this stuff, and I`m definitly going to get my hands on the books, as my intrigue has been tickled inot action, like, well, a Leviathan Wakes ;-)

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