maandag 8 februari 2016

Inspirational Lego #56

Here we are again, with the weekly selection of 10 fantastic pieces of eye-candy that we came across during our internet surfing sessions.

Again this week, I've been looking to present a selection of mixed tastes and themes, so I hope you enjoy them once more.

Let`s start off with a beautiful mixture of space and pirates, as we found another great looking Arcadia, the ship of space pirate Harlock (or Albator if you grown up like me with Club Dorothee 25 to 30 years ago).

The Day the Music Died was one of the builds that represented the end of the Kaliphlim civil war story last summer, where the forces of the Desert King swooped over the excisting regime, interrupting a local celebration.

A while ago, there was a `pimp Rey`s speeder` over the internet, and this one was definitly one of the funnier entries in the series.

The Black Dragon is another Guilds of Historica build, as a huge dragon powered!!!! ship takes to the seas.

The combination of the two greatest mech`s together, the roundness on BB-8 is really well executed.

Made in the style of the Galaxy Quest lines and sharing the orange / white colourscheme, this is a fantastic looking research lab with some stunning details on it.

Today I find like not doing anything padapdapdaaadaap

The recreation of comic book covers is a whole `subtheme` within the Lego community by itself, and this Star Wars cover is fantasticly done.

The infamous movie poster brought to life gorgeously in this mosaic, and I really like the colours of those flames.

We end the week with this Blood Angels dreadnought from Warhammer 40k. I never liked playing with those hulking machines, but it is a fantastic build I would have dared to plunk onto the battlefield without question.

And so we have it, another selection of some awesome builds this week, enjoy!

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